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The next big crypto currency in 2019 maybe Myriad (XMY) coin

current price $0.002
predicted price 2019 $0.10
= 50 times current value

Why Myriad coin may go up?
Myriad coin will rocket in 2019 may even go 100 times its price due to its estimated to half in 2019. The current mining gives out 250 xmy but this will half to 125. It is also reported that the code maybe updated which will make it harder to mine.

• The coin was first launched in 2014 so it has already been established in the market.
• Myraid uses a Electrum wallet; it is easy to use with no download of block chain. The backup copy can be put on usb and used on other computers.

• Max number of coins is 2 billion and compared to verge (a similar coin) which has max of 16.5 billion -its not much

It will take time for myriad to get noticed but when it does it will shoot in value, advice would be to buy some with spare cash you don’t mind to lose. don’t invest your life saving
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