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Vunkuwa Spa-relax Massage Workshop (2 Days)
10th-11th. February 2018
time 11 to 17:00 P.M

Discover a truly hidden treasure of African Wellness Therapy for longevity, wisdom, self-discovery, and relaxation. We provide you with an innovative, fresh approach to your continuing professional development as a therapist, enabling you to grow your existing knowledge, acquire new skills to help you to achieve greater success, increased, income and tremendous job satisfaction.

Our unique in-depth program is designed to help you step by step for you to understand this natural, authentic therapeutic massage, whether you are a beginner or advanced massage therapist or a spa looking to integrate a unique service in their program. This will be a good idea.

Vunkuwa International Academy is the one and only premier schools for providing Vunkuwa® African Massage Therapy Education since 1998. From inception, we have trained many of highly satisfied and successful massage therapists, many of whom have continued on to be among the leaders in Massage Therapy Industry today.

Join the Academy and benefit from our high-quality courses that enhance the capability to connect through your touch as a practitioner.

step 1

first you are inaugurated in the essential skills to become a Vunkuwa massage therapist. by learning the essentials of how to work and connect with your body and hands as a therapist and understanding how the body movement and the rhythms work,

step 2

Breathing analyzation

We begin the treatment by focusing on your customer breathing patterns to see them entering the state of relaxation long before you start your massage session; this takes about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. It is also very imported for you to also focus on your own breathing. For inner relaxation, It will help you faster in understanding your customer body, so it's easy for you to eliminate toxins and clear energy pathways, transfer positive and refreshed energy through the body.

step 3

Color Shades
learn about the colour shades that appear when they body is out of balance
This color shades are critical in Vunkuwa African Massage. They work as your map pathways in understanding the depths of the imbalances in the body. These colors vary in shape and size. By understanding these colors, you get to understand individual needs of optimal health. Nobody talks about this color shades, but they say a lot about our bodies.Each color provokes a different sensation in humans. Some are perceived as cold, others as warm. Its sizes and color consistency are all tell-tale indicators of your lifestyle and well-being.

step 4

Body Temperature

low body temperature can be dangerous An abnormally low body temperature (hypothermia) can be severe, even life-threatening. Low body temperature may occur from cold exposure, shock, alcohol, drug use, depression stress , or certain metabolic di
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